Violette Denys
Violette Denys
Deviant Acts with a Sweet Disposition



Downtown $50 :: GTA & Airport $100

USD is accepted at the same rate as CAD (1:1).

Visits 4 hours and up in length must include social time, refreshments, and a 50% deposit.

Contact me directly as rates as transportation costs vary depending on location. A minimum booking of 12 hours is required.

** Longer visits and outcalls are held in priority.**



- G.F.E. -

1H CA $300 | US $400

1.5H CA $450 | US $600

2H CA $600 | US $800

3H CA $850 | US $1100

4H CA $1100 | US $1400

8-12H - OVERNIGHT CA $2000 | US $3000

16H - EXTENDED OVERNIGHT CA $2500 | US $3500

24H - DAY AND NIGHT CA $3000 | US $4000

48H - WEEKENDER CA $5500 | US $6500


- P.S.E. & Fetish -

1H CA $400 | US $500

1.5H CA $600 | US $750

2H CA $800 | US $1000

3H CA $1100 | US $1400

4H CA $1400 | US $1800

COUPLES CA $450H | US $550H


MFM Contact for rates.

DUOS Contact for rates.


DATE NIGHT — Horny Film Student Edition

Includes 30 minutes of social time before the movie, for a quick drink or maybe even a joint (weed is now legal and makes movies so much better :P); a movie (don’t judge me for ordering Nacho cheese to dip my popcorn in); followed by 2 hours of play time, where we can discuss the film’s themes while naked ;).

CA $750 | US $1000

Want to grab a quick dinner beforehand? Add $200

DATE NIGHT — Dinner Date

Includes at least one hour of social time where we can check out some of the best food the city has to offer as well as time for us to get to know each other more intimately.

CA $1100 | US $1400

DATE NIGHT — Deviant Dinner Date

Includes at least one hour of social time where we can either check out some of the city’s best restaurants or we can do some deviant role play where you pick me up at a bar and then take me home to use me like the fuck doll I am.

CA $1400 | US $1800

DATE NIGHT — Playtime at Oasis Aqualounge

Have you ever wanted to take a hot girl to a sex club? Well, here’s your chance! Cover our refreshments and admission to Oasis Aqualounge as well as a minimum booking of 2 hours!! TORONTO ONLY.

Sweet (GFE) $600

Deviant (PSE) $800


  • As of Spring 2019 my Toronto rates increased to match that of my Vancouver rates. All clients who have visited me before this increase will be grandfathered at that rate.

  • International (UK, IE, HK, SG) rates coming soon!