Violette Denys
Violette Denys
Deviant Acts with a Sweet Disposition



- Booking Etiquette -

Since I moved toToronto last summer I have gotten really busy and in the recent months, I have started receiving a high volume of booking requests, therefore, I can not usually accommodate last minute booking requests. To avoid any disappointment or the possibility that our schedules won't align, I suggest booking at least 48 hours in advance (though 24 hours in advance is fine) for first time visitors but the sooner the better!! I suggest giving as much notice as possible because, not only do I have a busy schedule, I also have to screen you before we meet and this sometimes takes a bit of time.

When contacting me, please be sure to fill out my booking form or you can also text or email me with all required booking and screening information. I do not respond to incomplete forms, blank emails, or any other form of contact that does not include screening information. You may think "Who does this b***h think she is?" ...well my friend, just like you, my time is valuable. I don't get paid for back and forth emailing and have no booking come from it, don't waste my time and I won't waste yours!

Same Day Visits

As my life has been getting increasingly busy, I am only available for same day visits on specific days. For more details about my schedule and availabilities, please visit my booking page for my monthly calendar and/or follow me on Twitter for updates.




Session Etiquette

First and foremost, PLEASE BE ON TIME! In the event that you might be late, please communicate that with me. If you are more than 20 mins late and you do not communicate with me that you are running late, I consider you a "no call no show." For more information, please read Cancellation + No Call No Show Etiquette.

As I'm sure you can agree, I want our session to flow as un-rushed and organically as you do. I don't like the idea of treating our visit as a transaction, I treat it as an experience, but I find having to ask for the donation to be a very uncomfortable thing for me. Having to ask for the donation takes away from the authenticity of our time together so PLEASE have the donation ready when you arrive.

After you place the donation in a visible spot for me, please make your way to the bathroom to shower. There you can find all required toiletries including fresh towels, mouth wash, gum, body wash, etc! Please don't make me ask you to shower as that also makes me incredibly uncomfortable. This is in no way a judgement of you, I just want to make sure you are clean...especially in the sweaty summer months!



Cancellation + No Call No Show Etiquette

Life is unpredictable at time. Between work, family, and personal struggles, sometimes you just HAVE TO cancel. In the even that you must cancel you may do so without issue, but any cancellations within 24 hours of our visit, all I ask is for you to send me a cancellation fee of at least 50% of the donation.

If I do not receive a confirmation text/ email at least 1 hour before an appointment, I assume you are a no call no show and cancel the appointment. Please be punctual and communicate any delays with me if you suspect you are going to be late.

No call no show-ers will be banned, to lift that ban you will be charged a $100 fee on top of the cancellation fee.