Date Ideas

My favourite thing to do is to get to know my suitors over a good drink or a delicious meal. Perhaps a show? Musical? Concert? My heart melts when I know my sweetheart has taken the time and consideration to plan the perfect date, but thats a lot of pressure to put on someone!! For those of you who might need a little help figuring out what we should do together please take some time to read this section...perhaps you'll find something that tickles your fancy.


Bars/Lounges/ Coffee Shops

Though I may not drink much I do have a strong appreciation for various spirits and libations. I am open to visiting most bars but a here are a few of my faves:

The Lockhart Cocktail Bar, BevLab, The Drake Hotel, Get Well, The Beaver, Jimmy's Coffee, Little Pebbles, Death and Taxes, 



Food is one of my most loved things in the world. I was raised by globetrotting parents so I was raised with the respect and appreciation of food from all over the world. I love trying new things but you might have a hard time finding something I haven't tried before. 

O.Noir, The Drake Hotel, Sneaky Dees, Miku, Sotto Sotto, Oyster Boy, Le Banane, Campechano, Planta, Woodlot, Hogtown Vegan, Awai, Captains Boil, Cibo, Ki, Copa Cabana, Hollywood Cone,