Violette Denys



It all began with a movie…


This once piece of celluloid shifted the entire course of my life. Allow me to explain-

As I watched Holly Golightly navigate the world with independence and panache I knew I had to be like when I grew up. I was drawn to her strength and charm. As the film ended- I restarted it and watched it again and again. And in that moment, I realized that I needed a life like that. So I built one.

As you may have gathered from my photos, I have been blessed with natural, supple curves, a plump derriere, a classically small waist, and a strikingly gorgeous face. Let yourself get lost in my warm, velvety brown eyes while you taste my luscious lips, just dripping with milk and honey.

My sweet and welcoming disposition will draw you in, while my fiery and insatiable appetite for erotic pleasures will have you moaning my name whenever you close your eyes, and see mine staring back up at you.

My number one priority is your pleasure, no matter what that might me. Though I may be a relentless and deviant sex kitten behind closed doors, I genuinely love bonding and building memories with my lovers. So if your pleasure includes an aperitif and dinner, a trip to the AGO and the ROM, discovering exotic foods at the St. Lawrence Market, or (my favourite) a night at the cinema, I am eagerly awaiting our first date.

When I'm not dazzling my lovers I can usually be found with my nose buried in a big, dusty book, curled up watching a cult classic, or painting the faces of the world's most beautiful people. Aside from my time in this amazing industry and community, I am also a professional make-up artist specializing in film and television, fashion, and photography, so my time in this “adult themed” world is only part-time.

I was previously a professional student at an elite, Canadian university. I focused my studies in the arts, with degrees in both English Literature and Film. Though I love and value my time in academia, I craved for something more. I grew tired of the theorizing and evaluating film and literature, I wanted to be IN it. I had to be a part of it somehow. My most treasured gift from my academic career, aside from my degrees, is my fierce love of films. So anytime I can share that with my lovers is so exciting and truly memorable for me.


Dirty, flirty, and thirty (years old).

Brunette with warm brown eyes.

Voluptuous with a super booty.


5’3” and 140 pounds.

Beautiful and tasteful tattoos.

Four piercings.



If you would like to give me a special surprise, something I'm not expecting, here are some ideas to get your creativity going. Here are my stats and a few of my favourite things.


Diet Dr. Pepper, MAKE UP, House plants, matcha, gourmet cheese, Bordeaux, Pinot Grigio, books, unique lingerie, unique home decor, tea, coffee, bath bombs, crystals (i.e. amethyst and rose quartz), and kitchen/ cooking supplies.


Structube, Amazon, Anthropologie, Black Lotus Photography, Painless Pleasure Photography, La Demimondaine Photography, Coles/Indigo/Chapters, West Elm, Global Pet Foods, Hammam Spa,  Playful Promises Lingerie, Honey Birdette Lingerie, La Perla Lingerie, Lululemon, Lush, Nordstrom, and STUDIO PIA Lingerie.


Apple TV HD

Apple Watch Hermès — Stainless Steel Case with Double Tour

13‑inch MacBook Pro - Space Grey

Gucci Leather belt with Double G buckle — Size 100/ Black

Hermès Mini Constance Marquetee belt buckle & Reversible leather strap 24 mm — Size 85/ Black

Dionysus small shoulder bag — Black Leather

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM — Damier Ebene

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Kate 100mm Pumps — Size 38/ Black

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