Violette Denys



Word on the street is…


 “I had a chance to see this gorgeous woman on a trip to Toronto last summer. It was a wonderful experience. I agree a great kisser, … and that booty *4 heart emojis*…”


“…Vio is enthusiastic and has great sexual energy. She was also totally okay with an older guy like me, and focused on pleasuring me while enjoying herself. She is also fun to talk to and spend time with…”


“…It was just an awesome time with Violette…a smart woman that was easy to converse with and comfortable to be around. Funny, pretty, sexy, smart … and she likes snacks! Perfect date. It's simply just fun to be with her…”


“…Violette is a curvy lady and wears it confidently….What you see is what you get. If your tastes tend towards spinners or bikini models, you should look elsewhere. Her curves were dangerously perfect in my eyes. She is very responsive and orgasmic. Watching her shudder in ecstasy was a sight to behold…. She is also very cool to talk to…”


“…the best part of the night was our conversations, she was super intelligent and awesome to talk to, I’m glad I paid for an hour and a half. Violette can talk about super interesting topics, I didn't think i'd talk about personal things about myself, but she made me feel safe. After last night, I am definitely a regular of her services now.

TLDR: Violette is a 10/10 experience and her looks are better in person, she is also smart and funny.”


“…friendly and welcoming form the onset, she is also 420 friendly so we ended up just lounging and vaping my e-joint for awhile shooting the breeze. She suggested SF2 which was really hot and steamy, and making out with her in the shower was really fun…had a blast with Violette, she’s curvy with crazy sex appeal, does duos, and is smarter than the average bear. Had a blast, would book again.”


“…she opens the door with a great smile and just by looking at her eyes I knew this was going to be good. I was also impressed with the incall. It was very nicely decorated, spotless and lots of parking around the area. I have to say, very convenient…”


“…one thing I will say, while she is on the younger side of my usual taste, you would never know that talking to her in person. She is a very smart and interesting to talk to, and while taking short cool down breaks, we enjoyed some great conversation. To me this is what makes a great time. She truly is a great GFE, to use that overused saying, but its true. I don't relax easily, esp. a first time, but she is so easy and relaxing to be around.
I shouldn't need to say it, but treat her right guys, she is a gem. Repeat? Hell yes!”



TER ID  337093

TER ID: 344014

P411 ID  P274974

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